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In Florida, there are plenty of great charters. The quality of your fishing trip mainly depends on the quality of the fishing charter that you go to. To prevent wasting time, see to it that you decide which fishing style you wish to experience beforehand. Consider the type of fish that you want to target. Is it saltwater or freshwater? Many charter captains have fishing specialties. You can select a charter by specialty, including flats and backcountry fishing, wreck and reef fishing, near shore and inshore fishing, and deep sea fishing.


Do not forget to determine how much your budget is. Find out how much you are willing to pay for the charter. Note that you pay for your use of the boat, and you have to consider how many people are in it. Do not expect a flat fee per person because that only applies to party boats. Smaller boats are less expensive and can hold two to four anglers while bigger boats can usually hold up to six people. Smaller boats are ideal for four-hour fishing trips while bigger boats are ideal for eight-hour fishing trips.


If you are in search of the best deep sea charter boat fishing experience, check out xcharter.net for the best fishing charters in West Palm Beach. We offer excellent yacht charters throughout the Caribbean and South Florida for fishing or sightseeing. Moreover, We offer yacht management, from full vessel management to charter management. We cover everything from fuel to crew, to itinerary.


We are dedicated to offering guests an amazing fishing experience. We are committed to making your vacation a memorable and fun one. In a few minutes, you will leave the dock and reach the most talked about hot spots. You can go to the fishing charters in West Palm Beach at any time of the year.


What Kinds of Fish Can You Catch?


Depending on what kind of fishing charter you hire, you can catch different kinds of fish including the elusive Blue Marlin, Wahoo, King Mackerel, Swordfish, Snook, Jacks, Tarpon, Cobia, Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, and many other sport fish. In addition, you will also get a chance to see other magnificent creatures sea turtles, tortoises, and manatees. There is also a variety of shorebirds staying at their natural habitat. Just looking at these wonderful creatures can keep you calm and relaxed. You will surely enjoy the beautiful waters of the fishing charters in West Palm Beach.


Swordfishes are one of the most coveted and biggest game fishes in all of Florida. They weigh an average of ninety pounds, with some being over two hundred pounds. These deep sea fishes are actually among the most exciting to catch. The swordfish fishing charters in West Palm Beach usually start at 6 PM and end at 2 AM or 3 AM. You may have to travel about twenty miles offshore and fish in 1200 to 1700 feet of water. You will also have to use four rods for the varying depths of water. Plus, you have to use glow sticks and underwater lights.


What Kinds of Fishing Charters Can You Get?


There are different types of fishing charters in West Palm Beach. Drift fishing is among the most productive means to catch fish in the waters consistently. You will begin with an offshore ride for a few minutes. You will have your own fishing rod and get to experience the excitement of feeling the fishes bite. You can also engage in bottom fishing to see Grouper, Kingfish, and Snapper. However, keep in mind that you can also catch and see many other different fish varieties using this method.


Drift fishing and bottom fishing are among the primary fishing charters in West Palm Beach. Then again, you can also use the charter boats for other types of deep sea charters such as trolling. It involves pulling rigged dead bait or lures behind charter boats at different speeds. These speeds depend on the species of fish that you target. The crew rigs their own baits, so you can make sure that you catch great trophy fish. They also provide high quality tackle and gear that ranges from light to heavy.


So whether you are in search of dolphin, wahoo, or sailfish, you will surely find the tackle and gear that you need. We have everything you may possibly need in your adventure here at the fishing charters in West Palm Beach. You are guaranteed an amazing deep fishing experience that you will surely remember for a long time.


You can also try kite fishing with the use of live bait. You will fly a kite with lines attached to clips in order to keep your live bait on the surface of the water. This way, you will be able to watch your live bait dance on the water surface as a sailfish approaches and gets it. In fact, kite fishing is among the most effective processes for catching sailfish. It is also very fun and exciting.


Palm Beach County is fortunate to have some of the best fishing in the world. Here, you will find warm and fertile waters. In fact, it is the closest to the Gulf Stream of the Atlantic. There is nowhere else in the United States that you can enjoy fishing as much as you enjoy it in West Palm Beach. You can routinely catch Sailfish within sight of the beaches.

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Chartering a yacht, allows you to engage in various sea activities. A full service charter includes the use of a yacht along with supplies and crew members. A bareboat charter, on the other hand, includes only the yacht with customers supplying and crewing it on their own. A lot of communities beside the sea have charter boats that they rent to visitors and tourists that do not prefer to maintain a boat.


You can use a full service charter for different purposes, including fishing, scuba trips, or touring around. Chartering is especially recommended during the summer months when the sun is high and the weather is nice.



As the name implies, this sail boat is very expensive, especially that this was designed to have living quarters for the purpose of cruising or racing. This is also a crewed yacht that is most often owned by rich individuals who can afford its expensive price and upkeep. Those who own this type of yacht experience exclusive privacy while they enjoy cruising unique seascapes across the globe.


Luxury yacht charter is a growing means of transportation, especially for all those who enjoy sea sailing and want to escape the busy life in the city. To those who can’t afford to buy luxury yachts there are owners who offer their yacht for rent.



Yachts are too expensive to own, so renting yachts are very practical. Yacht rental is available online wherein yacht charter companies offers their yachts for a variety of events. Events that they offer are the following: corporate events/mixers, yacht parties, seasonal events, weddings, tours, birthdays, burials at sea, banquet events, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or any occasion you have in mind.


The yacht to be rented also varies on their cruising performance. It has also different exterior and interior designs that fit your needs. The capacity also varies from six to eleven persons or more. There are also special offers for seafarers who are planning for seascape escapades.





Yachting in general pertains to sea vessels that are used for recreational purposes like in fishing sports. The main purpose of this boat is for leisure activities. Other yachts are used for competitive sailing which is done on large bodies of water. The adventure is conducted in salt water but large lakes are also navigated by smaller craft.


Cruising is also included. Long distance travel across the South Pacific or Great Lakes are explored using yachts. To enjoy long distance cruising, one must have a wide range of skills and not just handling the boat. There are courses offered to achieve navigational skills and other necessary expertise in handling yachts or leisure vessels.