Yacht Info


Maintaining a yacht can be a daunting task. An owner may prefer to be involved while the craft is being serviced or he may prefer not be involved at all. Whatever is the owner’s preference, it is always best for him to find a company which offers not only comprehensive yacht services but also transparent and informative communication.


It is imperative to hire only a competent service provider such as XCharter Yachts, Inc. to take care of the yacht’s various needs. It should be able to provide all necessary services, from simple repairs to handling various requirements of complex systems such as communication and navigation systems as well as anchoring and maneuvering systems.



Florida yacht charters are perfect from the months of November to April, when the weather is excellent and more vacation-friendly. Nevertheless, off-season charters can also be great because Florida has a pleasant year-round climate.


The yacht charters in Florida provide the best access to one of the world’s best wilderness destinations-the everglades. They also boast of calm cruises to some of the great fishing grounds in the offshore of the East Coast and West Coast of Florida. They also offer easy access to the beautiful waters and natural beauty of the Florida Keys. In addition, they also have added services for charterers going to the islands in the Caribbean.



A Yacht sale can be an exciting and at the same time rewarding transaction for both the buyer and the seller. However, the sale involves a tedious process that most people do not have time with. That is why it would be wise for both parties to seek the help of companies who already have a vast experience in the field of luxury yacht sales.


Most companies who handle yacht sales have a team of professional sales brokers who can guide every client every step of the way. The brokers understand the uniqueness of every client and they know how to successfully match every client with the perfect yacht.



Crewed yacht charters are ideal vacations for those people who want to have their dream vacations in the world’s best destinations without sacrificing the convenience of a five-star treatment. Nothing could be more relaxing than cruising in a yacht complete with a crew that can the give personalized services.


Yacht crew can include a captain, a deckhand, a hostess, a chef and other personnel who can attend to every detail to make the most of the yachting experience. Charters with crew can offer the ultimate sailing vacations because there is nothing else left for the guests to do but to enjoy every minute of the sea adventure.



Motor yacht charter is more costly because the operation uses either gasoline or diesel. However, it has a special kind of comfort to it as it offers a more flexible and functional vacation. It provides better speed and safety as it takes every vacationer to different beautiful destinations around the globe.


The charter can offer crafts that range from 25 feet to 80 feet or even larger. It can also offer vessels with larger spaces for better indoor amenities such as roomier cabins, bigger salons and spacious living area. It can also boast of comfortable outdoor spaces including large fly-bridge, gorgeous sundeck and covered aft-deck.