Yacht Info


Fishing boat charters are designed for sport fishing activities on beautiful lakes, rivers or sea water fishing. Most services offered include fully-equipped boats for fishing. The captain’s experience is also essential for you to locate the fish breeding spots.


There are different specializations offered by these charters, depending on your preference. There are specific species that could be caught in every season. Exciting fishing is what they offer especially that they could bring you to spots where varieties of fish are available. Other charters have their crew on board to assist beginners in fishing. For families, kids are welcome to join on the trip to experience the thrilling ride on a fishing boat.





Sports fishing charter offers trips mostly in inshore, offshore or local islands. This depends on the service provider you choose that fits your needs. Some chartered fishing tours offer tuna, yellow tail, white sea bass, bass, halibut and rock fish to name a few.


Schedules for sport fishing starts from half day to multiple days depending on your availability and the event you are planning to organize. You have the option to have a captain to guide your trips or be the one to navigate your route. Some sport fishing yachts are packed with full sets of equipment, technology and gadgets that are designed to explore untouched fishing grounds.





Fishing boat charter is being offered for those who enjoy fishing adventures. Charter rates vary depending on your schedule, but minimum duration being offered is about four hours to three to four day fishing. Some services that are being offered include all fishing equipment but you need to bring your food/ drinks.


If you need a captain and want to have boating lessons, and know how to locate fishing spots, services like these are also offered. You can also choose boats that could accommodate your group and trip lengths depending on your needs. There are also fishing boats that have state of the art navigation systems; but the rental is much higher.



Crewed yacht charter is a luxurious voyage. It can offer you first class service. The yacht are crewed by professional captain who can bring you to your chosen destination. They also have your personal chef who prepares meals and snacks based on your own food choice. Housekeeping services are also there to maintain the cleanliness of the boat.


These yachts are designed for cruising comfortably and come equipped with all the necessary gear for snorkeling, fishing, knee boarding, kayaking, and more. Crewed yachts are also air conditioned with entertainment center and some have satellite on board for TV programs. Some yachts cabin has its own bathrooms. You can also choose yachts that have decks that are spacious for you to have option in lounging and dining.



For yacht charters, Florida is one of the best locations to have access for year round climate. Chartered yachts season is on its peak in Florida from November to April, although any time of the year is also convenient for seafarers.


There are many yachts that are available to cruise different tourist destinations around the globe. Popular destinations being offered here for cruising are: Florida, Panama, Caribbean and Bahamas, to mention a few. Yachts being offered for cruising are tailored to the seafarer who has specific needs. The yachts have VIP state rooms and could accommodate 10 guests or more.