There are lots of great activities that you can consider when planning your much awaited summer outings, break escapades and quick getaways. However, renting a private yacht can be a fresh new idea, especially when you’re looking into convenience and a whole new range of activities. For travellers and adventurers, common activities like going to the beach, swimming and camping could not be as exciting anymore. Yacht chartering, on the other hand, is an adventure on a whole new level. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider this on your next outdoor bucket list:




  1. You get to spend adequate time at a certain destination, without having to worry about re-packing and time limits. You can go island hopping or even party without having to worry about hotel check out time policy. Yacht chartering is very convenient because it’s like having a portable hotel room with you.

  2. When you go yachting, you get to avoid the hassle of dealing with crowded areas during holidays and long breaks. This would make your vacation more memorable and expedient because you get to choose your own unique destinations.

  3. While you’re on board chartering a yacht in Florida, this is also the best time to learn a few useful skills. You can learn about survival, swimming, first aid or even cooking on your own.

  4. You can enjoy doing water sports alone. You can do it anytime, anywhere, even for the whole day if you want. You wouldn’t have to wait for your turn while renting out a kayak, paddle board or a snorkelling gear.

  5. You can brush up on your geography as well as marine life biology. If you want to go sailing, basic knowledge on geography and orienteering is a must. Yacht chartering is a great way to put into practice what you have learned. Most yacht rental requires a couple of staff to come with the client, so you can learn and still feel safe along the way.

  6. With chartering a yacht in West Palm Beach, you can spend intimate time with your loved ones, family or friends. This is the perfect choice to keep your bond close and avoid huge crowds, compared to hotels, beachfronts and many other recreational choices.


There are a lot of yacht rental businesses out there, and it’s easier if you’ll compare prices and offers using Hop on, and do whatever makes your boat float!