When it comes to outdoor adventures, most people would think of hiking, going to the beach, water rafting, kayaking, and many other popular recreational activities. These are usually the most enjoyable and accessible choices that most people would consider. Fortunately, there’s a good option available that would offer all of these, in just one package. Why not try chartering a yacht in Florida, and finally carry out your most outrageous outdoor adventure bucket list? Contrary to what most people think, yacht rental isn’t as lavish and costly as they might assume. Read on to find out what's new about chartering a yacht, and why you should consider it for your next summer adventure:


  • Yachting allows clients to go on a private tour, with navigation crew on board. This provides an intimate bonding, without having to worry about prying eyes and sharing amenities with strangers. It’s a fresh new take on enjoying outdoor activities independently.

  • Destinations can be customized. The best thing about yacht chartering is the private sailing to the destinations preferred by the client. This can be island hopping, beach hopping or even just sailing across the sea. There would be guides along the trip, so it would be safe to sail wherever you plan to go.

  • Water sports activities can be done in private. Everybody wants to enjoy water activities, without having to deal with huge crowds. With chartering a yacht in West Palm Beach, clients can finally go kayaking, paddle boarding or snorkelling alone in a secluded area.

  • Chartered yachts can support small to large groups of guests. From couples, small families to a group of friends, clients can choose the best yacht that would fit to their needs. There are smaller models for small groups, and large ones for groups of 15 to 20 individuals.

  • Yacht chartering offers high class mobility on a whole new level. Most yachts would feature high end facilities, amenities and equipment. From luxurious dining areas, spacious bedrooms and beautiful decks that offer splendid view, renting out a yacht is surely the best getaway option.

  • The type and time duration of the rental can be customized according to the client’s budget. There are a lot of companies who offer flexible packages, where clients can choose among variety of price, destinations and type of yacht or gullet.


With these fresh new offerings, it’s about time to go through Xcharter.net which provides yacht chartering, and canvass your desired package. Start saving up for that ultimate dream yacht vacation!