A truly unforgettable experience is what awaits you when you choose to go on trips with luxury yachts for charter. A

family vacation, business trips or holiday cruise with friends and colleagues could be some of the events you want to

celebrate in a yacht. You need to prepare and plan ahead before chartering luxury yachts. Early booking is a must for you

to have enough time to ask different questions to yacht charter owners about their itinerary, yachts and offerings, and for

you to be able to plan the design and arrangement for the yacht of your dreams and for the luxurious trip you want to




There are many Yacht groups that are located along the West Palm Beach Coast up to the Miami Coast. There are

different charters that offer different sailboats and power boats. They also offer yacht charter, bareboat charter and

crewed charter for people who want to experience the luxury life of traveling with crews serving them. Some Yacht

charter Florida providers also offer courses and training with certification for people who want to learn how to sail

manually without the help of any crew. Yacht charters in Florida will give you fun, exciting and memorable experiences of

sailing that you will not forget.



Florida has a climate that is favorable for vacations all year round. Even when the hurricane season sets in during the months of June to November, Florida yacht charter offers opportunities to experience unrivaled vacations to breathtaking destinations such as beautiful beaches, renowned harbors and enjoyable nature spots. Winter season is also a good way to explore the Keys and spring is the best time to see the Gulf Coast and the West Coast.


The yacht charter can also take any adventurous vacationer to famous neighboring destinations like the exciting city of Miami where the wealthy and the beautiful people relax, dine and wine.



One of the perks of being a yacht crew is that you get to enjoy the feeling of being in a luxurious yacht without buying it

. You get a job inside the yacht, the owner pays you to do the job and you get to spend days within a yacht and

experience travel like never before. It’s like an all-expense paid trip while getting paid at the same time. But there is one

major disadvantage of yacht crewing, you get to travel with your yacht colleagues but away from you loved ones. You get

to spend enjoyable moments, but with other people and not your family.


XCharter Yachts, Inc offers complete Yacht Crewing Services, whether you own a private luxury yacht or a charter yacht, our Yacht Crewing services
can assist you with employing skilled crew members.

  • Captains - OUPV, 100Tons, 200Tons, Masters, Etc
  • First Mates
  • Cooks
  • DeckHands
  • Engineers -QMEDS, Chief. etc
  • Fishing Mates
  • And More!